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Here are some examples of issues we can help with. This is only a selection; contact us with your specific issues:




I need to develop an e-strategy:

We can review your existing platforms or agreements and help you choose the best file format. Should you build your own site or use service provider? What are the costs and pitfalls of developing your own site; who are the best vendors? How do you sell the products; what should your pricing model be? Should you be going Open Access (OA)?


I have underperforming book lists or journals:

We can conduct a review of your publications and make suggestions based on market conditions and the performance of your peers. Should you invest in editorial or sales and marketing? Are you managing your production and other costs? Do you need to recruit new or replacement staff, and how do you get the best people?


My sales are underperforming:

We can review your existing sales and marketing structure to see if it is fit for purpose. Is your sales operation scaled correctly for the business you have? Do you have the best sales management and representation? Are you doing well in developing markets particularly India and Asia? Are your sales arrangements in the USA designed to get the highest sales? Is your marketing strategy good enough; are you using the best channels; do you have enough touchpoints with your users?


I am based in Europe, India or Asia and want to improve my sales in the USA:

We can review your current distribution deals (if any) and advise on their performance against your peers. We can advise on the best partners, warehouse and customer service solutions, how to sell to and other booksellers, how to deal with wholesalers, how to promote your books.


I am looking for acquisition targets or have an acquisition in mind:

We can help you identify targets that fit the profile you are looking for. Once you have found a target we can help you with developing your acquisition plan, financial projections and integration planning, and settling on an acquisition price.


I need to improve my website performance:

We can review how your website looks and performs and suggest how the design can be improved, what your customers think of the site and how you can improve your search engine optimization.


I need to know what my customers or users think of me:

We can conduct market research or set up advisory panels to help you understand what your users think of you and how you could improve their perceptions of your organization.


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