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For publishers

Develop; organize; globalize; negotiate



Lavender-Consulting is run by John Lavender, a publisher with almost 40 years' experience in academic and scientific publishing.


John has worked with books, databases and journals, and in editorial, sales, marketing, electronic content and delivery, business development and in negotiating.

Now, as a successful consultant John offers his expertise to all publishers.

Lavender-Consulting helps publishers, libraries, vendors and suppliers of all sizes to maximize their potential through:


Developing publishing strategies, list development, editorial recruitment and market research


Developing strategies for migration to e-platforms and platform selection


Developing sales strategies for print and e- content and recruitment of staff or agents


Developing marketing strategies for both print and e-content


Reviewing present business status and offer advice on change and development

Reviewing current profitability and offer advice for improving performance

  • Strategy and organization

  • Academic, STM & scholarly publishing

  • Corporate development

  • Globalization

  • ​Negotiating

  • Training

  • Recruitment

  • Growing sales

  • ​Branding

  • ​Cost reduction

  • Technology platforms

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